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Managing Debt Gather your recent account statements from your credit cards and other debts.Review your interest rates and finance charges you are currently paying on each account.

Take a good look at your home budget or your spending habits. if you don't have a budget yet.Think about not using credit on a regular basis and what changes you might be willing to make to improve your financial situation.


Debt comes in many forms, and most types help us in our daily lives -- when used responsibly. Most people cannot buy a home without some help, and many cannot buy a new car without some sort of credit financing. The money borrowed to purchase large-ticket items is called installment debt: The debtor pays a portion of the total at regular intervals over a specified period of time. At the end of that time period, the loan with interest is paid off.


Americans love their credit. It’s estimated that each U.S. credit card holder uses up to 3 bank cards, 2 debit cards, and 4 retailer credit cards at any one given time. That’s a whole lot of plastic to carry around! And Americans are relying on their credit cards more heavily than ever before. If you’re a cardholder in America, you might have wondered how your situation compares to the national average. How much debt does the average card holder carry? How much do they pay off each month? What the most common credit card interest rates?

With some facts and figures from Citigroup and the Federal Reserve, you can see just how your debt compares to others. You might be a typical US cardholder if

…you have 8 or 9 credit cards in your wallet or purse. …your cards have an interest rate of 14.73% or higher. …you use your credit cards to pay your bills.
Don’t forget that your bank can also be a helpful in eliminating credit card debt. You can take out a personal loan to pay off your credit cards debt. That loan will be repaid at a much lower interest rate than regular credit card payments. Just make sure to use a lender you can trust.

The majority of American's carry some sort of credit card debts. Unfortunately, many of us carry so much credit debt at such high interest rate that it becomes very difficult to make a difference in the dollar amount we owe, even when we send a payment to the credit card company each month. We just Fall behind more and more and it just makes it worse, they tack on more late fees and finance charges and add them on to your next card statement- and often late payments will result in an increase in your overall credit card interest rate. High interest rates add up quickly and result in our monthly credit card payments doing little or nothing to reduce the massive balance you have aquired. It's a repetitive cycle that can be difficult to get out of.

One way to get out of the credit card game is, if you are currently a homeowner, you can obtain a home equity loan and use it to pay off your high interest credit card debts. Homeowners can take home equity loans to eliminate high interest debt and make it easier to pay your monthly expenses?

Christian debt consolidators

Do you feel that your debt can be a real moral issue to you? We emphasize that you need to do more than just eliminating your current debt situation, you must face your debt problems and start to live within your financial means. Only then can you get out of your financial debt, and stay debt-free.

Many Christians seeking debt assistance prefer working with Christian credit counseling companies that share their moral values and principles. Christians know they can trust them to offer honest faith-based guidance for their Debt problems

Many Christian debt counselors are non-profit institutions. They are dedicated to relieving people of the anguish and shame that financial debts causes. Christian Debt Consolidation Companies combine faith-based guidance with financial guidance in order to help their clients eliminate or greatly reduce their overall Debt situation. Helping

More about Christian Debt Consolidation Loans

Refinancing Home Loans Currenty headlines say " Apply for a mortgage today, compare home loan programs and rates, refinance your current mortgage, and consider a home equity loan or line of credit".

Consumers beware of Home Loans and Refinance Loans Companies!
Many find that Refinancing your home loans can be a stressful time for most homeowners with good credit or bad credit. If you are having problems with poor credit and have a more recent bankruptcy on your credit report there are a number of things you can do to improve the mortgage refinance interest rate and refinancing terms.

Here are 3 things you can do to start helping with your credit situation.

1. Order and Review Your Credit Reports through the Credit Agencies

2. Build a Favorable Credit Payment History Be on Time with Payments

3. Shop for the Best Mortgage Refinance Lender with the Lowest Rates

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Debt Consoldation Loans

If you've fallen behind on your bills, especially credit cards, don't panic. You may have several good options available to you. Your success starts by assessing your current situation and finding a trusted service provider that is licensed in your state. How Works: Find Your Customized Debt Solution Get Matched to an Approved Service Provider Start Saving and Get Out of Debt

Credit Cards Disputes

When you allow for payments via debit or credit cards, there are numerous advantages- including spontaneous shoppers, and people who will buy more when they can put it on a credit card, but there are also a few disadvantages as well. One issue many retailers discover when they first start accepting credit cards is not only will they be responsible for paying the many fees that come with accepting credit or debit cards as a type of payment, but you also have to deal with the occasional credit card dispute from the consumer.

One common dispute will result in what’s called a credit charge back. Credit card charge backs happen when a customer disputes a charge made on their credit card, and your bank transfers the liability to you and requires that you pay the money back. There are two main reasons why a charge back occurs-

  • Poor Customer Service
  • Fraud

    If the cardholder decides to dispute a store transaction they find on their credit card statement because the card has been used without their permission or someone stole it , then the store is responsible to recover that money. The cardholder’s credit card will be refunded and the retailer is out the cash from that fraudulent sale.

    If your credit company is not giving you quality customer services, you as a customer may not get your ordered items or you might get a defective item in these cases they’re going to dispute the purchase and you will be required to pay that money back when the bank submits the charge back to your business bank account.

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